Lindås (close to Älmhult)


deadline (only 24h Ultra) to sign up 15.09.2019 

Welcome to 2nd edition of Mossarun! There will be several distances to choose. All technical in soft terrain.





24h ultra


Start: Saturday 21.09.2019 at 10:00

Lindås 2408 (close to Delary)

All start at the same time.

Finish: Sunday at 10:00 (24h Ultra)


sign up fee:

after 23.08.2019

150 SEK for 5k, 17k, 34k

550 SEK for 24h Ultra


before 23.08.2019

100 SEK for 5k, 17k, 34k

500 SEK for 24h Ultra




About 5k, 17k, 34k


There will be 2 tracks 5k and 17k. Runners doing 34k will make 2 loops of 17k trail.



Participation is at your own risk.

Run as fast as you can.

Don't get injured.


We provide: 

- water

- finisher medal

About 24h ultra

You will run infinite loop of 17km technical trail. It is unique race because you don't need to carry lots of stuff with you nor plan drop bags. Just go light and every time you pass base camp you can change cloths,  shoes, eat, sleep, fix wounds. It feels comforting to push your limits being always not far from the base.

So hopefully you come back home richer, humbler, more prepared for any big ultra race.


You need to have:

- head lamp and batteries to last whole night (recharging possible)

- your own cup and something to eat soup with

- sufficient change of cloths

- warm sleeping bag

- your own nutrition



Participation is at your own risk.

Wins the one who run longest distance in 24h time limit.

Runner need to be back in the base at 10:00.


We provide: 


- Water

- vegan soup

- hammock to sleep or floor (you need own sleeping bag)

- finisher medal

There will be a bonfire and rain shelter as well dry space inside the barn to take a nap, change clothes etc. We plan to build outdoor pizza so you will have opportunity to buy awesome pizza to fuel you for 24h.


I hope to see you on the trail!


Olaf Szukalowicz