19-20th Sept 2020

Lindås (near Delary, Småland)


a) 24h ultra on 17km loop - finishing 100miles gives 5 ITRA points, finishing 100k gives 3 ITRA points

b) 34km (2x  17km)

c) 17km

d) 6,7km - on WTF Backyard Ultra trail - 

Dear runners, deadlines for registration are very liberal at Mossarun - all for your convenience.

But if you want to experience well prepared event and out of respect to people organizing it - register not later than 10.09.2020


Mossarun is a non-profit charity race so if you really can't afford it please contact us for friendly negotiations ;)

Registration fee:

7k,17k,34k - starts from 250 kr 

24h ultra - starts from 650 kr



Check short movie from Mossarun2019: