Race info


Number BIB

You pick up your own number bib at the barn in Lindås 2408, 34394 Älmhult

09:00-9:30 (google maps drop pin)


Need a ride from Älmhult?

There is many runners coming from Älmhult by car with free sits so if you are coming by train you have a chance to get a ride. Please contact people in the event page on Facebook, it is open for everybody to post.


Water aid stations

All runners have to bring their own cup/bottle! To protect the environment, we will not provide cups.

Water is at the base camp and middle of 17k trail.



Please follow the map and marking for the parking. Runners coming for 5k, 17k, 34k need to park in designated area in the neighbourhood farm which is 500m walk from the base camp.

24h runners park along roadside. Check map below


Base camp 

Located in the barn in Lindås 2408, 34394 Älmhult (google maps drop pin)



21st Sept

Base camp at 10:00 for all distances

10:10 kids trail



If you need accommodation we offer floor in the barn- you need sleeping mat and sleeping bag.


Pep talk (race briefing) – don’t miss it

Saturday September 21st, 09:45 at the base camp. Info, rules and other bla bla bla.


Maximum time

Maximum time is 24 hours.


Showers/locker room




2 x luxury 5 start toilets located in the bushes


Medical Aid

Medical assistant is not available, race is at your own risk!


Coffee/Fooooooooooood !

Vegan food from Muff :) available from 10-16:00. Soup available for 24h runners from 12:00



Published on the Mossarun web page next day after the race.


The course

17k, 34k and 24h ultra is marked with fluorescent yellow pins.

5k is marked with pink pins.

Children’s trail is marked with blue pins.

If you are lost go back and find last marking and follow more carefully.



Please pass all livestock with caution.


Drop bag

You can leave your stuff in the base camp.

(Note that Mossarun is not taking any responsibility for your equipment).


Mandatory equipment (mainly for 24h ultra)

Own cup to drink from
Bowl and spoon to eat delicious soup

Own nutrition (unless you can run for 24h on soup)
Mobile phone (runners should save number to organizer).
Headlight and extra batteries (possible to recharge in base camp).
First aid kit
Sufficient change of clothes
Sleeping bad and sleeping mat
Trash running shoes that you can nail down to the goal and plant some grass inside then


Race rules

Participating in the race is done on your own risk

Do not leave any trash behind you on the trail!

If you need to poop in the forest dig you shit

No screaming in the forest, we would like to still be friends with landowners

You have to follow the marked trail, no shortcuts

You have to help and assist any fellow racer that has got injured or ill in any way

If not following the above rules result in disqualification

For 24h ultra: only full loops counts, don’t start new loop if you can’t finish before 10:00

Provide phone number to your contact person 


UTMB points

Sorry you are not getting any ;)



Saturday 21st Sept

9:00 – collect your bib number

9:45 – race briefing

10:00 – start 5k, 17k, 34k, 24h ultra

10:05 – start kids trail

10:20-30 – first runners from 5k

11:30 - first runners from 17k

13:00 – first runners from 34k¨

Sunday 22nd Sept

10:00 – finish of 24h ultra




Email at info@mossarun.com or Facebook Mossarun page.

Race organized by Gurun Squad, Lindå2 2408, 34394 Älmhult.


Best of luck during the race!

Olaf Szukalowicz

Gurun Squad