Out of passion to trail and wild nature we organize small events focusing on unique experience rather then big amount of people. It is nice to be able to connect with others, get to know almost all runners and share the moment. Instead of competition and prizes we focus on meaning & purpose so big part of registration fee is dedicated to charity. 

So far we give you two races: Mossarun and WTF Backyard Ultra but there is more coming :)


We organize also Adventure Running trail trips in mountains! The aim is to give you opportunity to spend very long days on amazing trails and collect lots of elevation meters. We focus on smart and simplistic set up to offer affordable way so you come back as machine mountain goat! As you know mental part of running any ultra is as important as physical. The key is to make friends with difficulties and embrace unexpected. This is why our Adventure Running trip is an adventure.

About the trail

Mossa trail is a fruit of hard work and hundreds of hours spent in the forest by a group of friends. Covered with ticks, wondering through swamps and looking for the finest line we finally managed to close it into challenging, technical and beautiful trail.


SPECIAL THANKS to all land owners for allowing us to run on your land!


Helping by running


Big part of the profit goes to Sangter foundation which focus on help in Sikkim, India. Current efforts are to bring help in relation to pandemic like distribution of disinfection supplies, feeding the poorest etc.

In the future we want to build a network of volunteers that are keen in offering their services in teaching English and direct medical help in Sikkim. And by the way - there is awesome trail running! 

You can follow Sangter Foundation here




We are open for collaboration and co-creation of innovative events that combine trail running with: 



philanthropy/social initiatives