20th Jan 2019, Lindås

Nights with full moon are very bright during the winter when all is white. It is a rare and magical scenery.

This time we were lucky because just right before the race forest got covered with a thin layer of fresh powder.

Moon was shining on a group of mad runners finding their way through the bushes....

Mossarun 2018

20 Sept 2018, Lindås

First edition/test of trial running completion with two distances: 15k and 24h ultra.

It could only happen thanks to amazing friends who worked hard to prepare the trail: Aniol, Ben, Lluc, Lukasz and Tibi!

Special thanks to Amilia and Roxy who took care of runners and prepared food and amazing coffee.


Thanks to participants generosity we collected 200 Euro which was donated to Sangter Foundation in Sikkim (India).

Money was directly used in project aiming to open first dental clinic in Himalayan town Ravangla.