Adventure Running trail trips

Grövelsjön/Idre 20-24 May 2020

Originally planned to be a Norway trip due to Corona situation needed to be adjusted to in-country trip. Then week before we learned that it is still over 1 m of snow in end of May (biggest snow since 1955!). Shell we pack skis instead? Shell we cancel? We have not given up and went anyway :)

Mallorca Trail Trip 17-21 Oct 2019!

Welcome to Mallorca trail trip! It is first edition and a “test” trip were we offer you low cost option to experience trail running paradise in Serra de Tramuntana and in return we would like to hear your wishes and co-create future awesome running trips. Group size is limited to 15 persons. We welcome anyone who:
  • loves mountains and trail running
  • appreciate simplicity and adventure
17th Oct – flight from Copenhagen CPH to Palma at 8:50 with Norwegian
21nd Oct – flight from Palma to CPH at 17:45 with Norwegian
Flight to be booked individually, price right now is circa 250 Euro. We recommend to book it as soon as possible to get good price.
Hand luggage shall be enough space to fit all stuff.
After arrival we will use cars to move within the island. Cost for that is included in the price.

Depending on the group experience and participant wishes we will create a schedule. Of course you are free to spend days as you wish and we don’t need to be together all the time.
Day 1 – check-in and lunch; warm up/acclimatization run/hike 10-15km; common dinner and talk through next day.
Day 2-5 – 4-8h run/hike in mountains, every second day – rest day with less distance and sightseeing, frequent swims in the sea, massage (50 Euro)
Running coach – Filip Gustafsson will be there to advice on running technique, training programme, stretching etc.
Day 5 – fly home in afternoon

Shared roomes in hostel located in scenic small town Sóller from where we can run directly to enter mountain trails.
Breakfast – we can prepare together or go to cafe.
Lunch – you need to prepare snack to take with you in mountains
Dinner – we plan to eat in restaurants, there is plenty in Soller.

Booking fee: 250 Euro (includes accommodation, car and fee to cover flight for running coach)
Food: 200-250Euro (40-50Euro/day)
Flight ticket: 250 Euro (depends how fast you book)
Total budget: min 600 Euro (depends on flight ticket)

Now! – sign up
ASAP - book the flight
30.06 – pay advance 500kr
30.08 – pay the rest of booking fee 2200kr

Filip Gustafsson short bio
Running and biking for many years and participated in numerous local events.
Finisher of En Svensk Klassiker three times which means finishing Vasaloppet, Vätternrundan, Vansbrosimningen and Lidingöloppet at the same year.
Finisher of 8 Ironman distance triathlons with Ironman France as one of the highlights.
Running coach for Elmhults Sports Club and IKEA Aktivitetshuset.
Certifiied through Swedish Athletics Association and Swedish Triathlon Association.