Why This Far Backyard Ultra

3-4 April 2021, Lindås



Only 8 persons are allowed in one gathering - we need to split runners in 3 gathering in different times.

Due to split into groups it is not accepted by Laz and Markus as official Backyard Ultra. But at least we can run.

Due to 8 people limit no spectators allowed.



Lindås (10km from Älmhult, 60km from Växjö, 140km from Malmö)



3-4 April (Easter)

start time 8:00 Saturday 3rd of April (Group A)

start time 10:30 Sunday 4th of April - Group C



6,7km - 50% soft trail, 50% forest/gravel road, 120m+



300 SEK

(snacks, warm food and medal included)



What is Backyard Ultra?

Official rules you can read HERE

Tips on how to prepare you can find HERE

RACE info

SAFETY first:

- Please use face mask while you are in the base camp/ starting coral

- Keep the safe distance and use hand sanitizers

- If you have any Covid-19 symptoms stay home

OTHER important:

- there is some warm food coming in the afternoon - it will be vegetarian, full of calories, nutrients and tasty (friend runner cooking and serving, hope you can recognize him and say some nice words even if you don't like the food). Due to environmental reasons we recommend to have own gear for eating (bowl/plate and cutlery)

- when you arrive you can park close to the base camp to unpack. Later please move your car further along the road so it doesn't look like a big gathering. Road is narrow - you need to park by the blue M signs.

- there won't be any warning signal (3min, 2min and 1 min prio the lap). I suggest having 1 or 2 volunteers per group to keep track of time.

- you keep count of laps - there will be a unique and corona-safe system for the lap count.


OTHER less important:

- because of the split into groups Laz and Markus did not approve it as an official Backyard Ultra competition. Sorry for that but it is the only way we can do it.

- organizers are running in Group A and B - there is no volunteers due to 8 people limits

- all are responsible to keep fire going so we can survive the night. Probably it will be very cold.

- The barn is big, upstairs there is nice floor to sleep on and hammocks so please bring warm stuff to camp there if you wish


AND last:

- please send 300SEK - Bankgiro: 502-5457 or SWISH: 1230743450



short video from 2020 edition: