Why This Far Backyard Ultra

6-7 April 2024, Lindås




Lindås (10km from Älmhult, 60km from Växjö, 140km from Malmö)

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6th of April 2024

start time 10:00 Saturday

Arrive not later then 9:30!



6,7km - 60% soft trail, 40% forest/gravel road, 130m elevation gain



(snacks, home made food, pizza from fire oven, medal)



What is a Backyard Ultra?

Official rules you can read HERE

Tips on how to prepare you can find HERE

Other info

- there is some warm food coming in the afternoon - vegan hot soup (gluten free), full of calories, nutrients and tasty. Due to environmental reasons you need to bring your own gear for eating (bowl/plate and cutlery)


-snack table: bananas, chips, sweets, bread with jam, cola, nuts etc


- Park along the road with wheels on the grass. Road is narrow.


- The barn is big, upstairs there is nice floor to sleep so you can come day before also, no heating


- barn is 20m from starting coral, downstairs there is space for 20 runners if you want to have a roof


- big grass area around starting coral for tents


- night will be cold, bonfire will be on whole night, take warm cloths


Most important!!!

We always try to combine running with a good cause so we use legs as helping machines.

This time we want to support people in Turkey after tragic earthquake with basic humanitarian help.

We will work with local Turkish community in Älmhult that I know personally and trust so you can be sure every SEK you send will go to victims. HEre you can read more about Turkish Community Älmhult


How to help? 

1. Swish money 123 348 1264 (via Rotaryklubb, write "runforTurkey") (Collecting and sending goods is to costly and slow from Sweden)

2. Ask friends/family to donate 5-10kr per km or maybe 50kr/loop that you will complete during the WTF Backyard - any sum that can motivate you to complete as many loops as possible. Lets run and help at the same time! 



Big organization, NGOs are normally much slower, sometimes it takes months to react to the cataclysm. Also they having big operational cost - normally circa 40%. This is why we always work with small organization that act very fast and 100% of donation is used to help people in need.


Here is a message from Aysegul and Almila that are organizing help:

"We are  Turkish citizens who live in Sweden and watching the tragedy unfold from afar has been devastating. As Turkish Community Älmhult, we decided to organize and raise money to aid the ongoing recovery efforts. And today we are reaching you to ask for your help. Please remember that every contribution counts!
The scale of the disaster which is huge (13.5 Million people & 20% Turkiye affected) requires long term support and attention. The environment is very confused and chaotic right now. So, it is a long-term situation and all resources need to be planned and delivered carefully. In the next months, we will make efforts to ensure the continuation of this support with various activities. Meanwhile identification of those in real need to support is ongoing. For example, paying the education expenses of a child who is without an arrow or supplying goods for a homeless family.

We want to be transparent regarding the supports and where the money is directed since it is a sensitive topic. We have friends in our group who comes from the city where the disaster occurred and can reach those directly affected. We are also in contact with several independent NGOs in Turkey. As a part of our transparency, we had an interview with local media Smalandsposten (SMP - https://www.smp.se/almhult/tv-aysegul-sag-pappans-lagenhet-skaka-i-jordbavningen-pa-videolank-fran-almhult/) and openly share our activities for your interest, so you can follow what we are doing. We are also in a co-operation with Älmhult Linnébygdens Rotaryklubb . "




short video from 2020 edition: