Race info




Lindås 2408 near Delary, Google maps drop pin



Friday 6.09.2024 

Evening - pre-race bonfire and BBQ (bring your food), relax, trail talks

You are welcome to sleep in the barn or in the tent, there is a lot of space.

It's great time to get to know each other, talk some bullshit, relax, stare at the fire.


Saturday 7.09.2024 


start time 24h ULTRA - 9:00

start time 51km - 9:00

start time 17km - 11:00


Kids trail 10:45

Napoli style PIZZA (100kr) - 13:00-15:00

Shoe repair service !! (250kr)

Custom-made running sandals from Dani Orta (650kr)


Sunday 8.09.2024
cut off time for 24h ultra - 9:00

24h ultra:

About 24h race:

24h ultra is an unique race as it gives opportunity to push your limits without carrying lots of food, planning a drop bag etc.

You will "enjoy" 17k loop for 24h passing a base camp each time to recharge, change cloths, sleep, chill with others. That give you a comfort of going light and fast. Loop overview: 90% single track, 10% gravel, plenty of difficult terrain, lots of small hills. 

Even though 17k has about 390m elevation only (acc to Coros Apex pro) it feels like much more ! 


Here are some quotes from finishers:

"Man this trail is brutal"

"I'm surprised how did you find so many hills in here!"

"Beautiful forest"

51 km - 16th Sept 2023


start time - 9:00

Course overview: 90% single track, 10% gravel, plenty of difficult terrain, lots of small hills. 

You will run 3 laps of 17km (same as 24h runners) with total of 1170m+

17 km - 16th Sept 2023


start time - 11:00

Loop overview: 90% single track, 10% gravel, plenty of difficult terrain, lots of small hills. 

Elevation profile is a mystery but acc to top baro watches it is 390m+.

General info:

Shoe repair service!!

Repair you shoe with beautiful Lost Goat patch (holes, tears on top or side) let Dani Orta do his magic for only 250kr !

In case your shoes are completely destroyed - bring them too! - Instead of landfills they can be used for our art installation.

Custom-made running sandals!

You have unique chance to order your made-to-measure running sandals from Dani Orta (650kr, pic below)

Pizza party

 We are serving Neapolitan style pizza after the race (17km and 51km) and we have limited capacity so please register

H E R E if you would like to eat pizza!

Fan's ZONE!

We will never be Zagama but lets try to make some noise for the runners! Here are 2 spots that you can get with the car. It take 10 min to drive from to Zone 1 and after to Zone 2.

Remember to take bells, trumpets anything that make noise!


Fun's Zone 1: 5 min after the start HERE

 Fun's Zone 2: 30-40 min after the start HERE

Fun's Zone 3: 60-90min after the start HERE

Importan info:

Base camp 


Located in the barn in Lindås 2408, 34394 Älmhult (google maps drop pin)



Along the road on a grass.


Number Bib

Collect before start acc to schedule


  Mandatory equipment (all distances)

Own cup/mug and bowl+spoon to eat with!!!


Mandatory equipment (24h ultra)

Own cup to drink from!!
Own bowl and spoon to eat warm food!!

Mobile phone (runners should save number to organizer).
Headlight and extra batteries (possible to recharge in base camp).
First aid kit
Sufficient change of clothes


Water aid stations

All runners have to bring their own cup/bottle! To protect the environment, we will not provide cups.

Water is at the base camp and at km 11 

No food there (only at the base camp)



If you need accommodation we offer floor in the barn and few hammocks- you need sleeping mat and sleeping bag. There is plenty space for a tent. 

There is a nice trailer to rent with a double bed, 20m from the base camp. (booking via email)


Maximum time

Cut off time is 24 hours.



No shower sorry



2 x luxury 5 start outdoor toilets 



Home cooked food, cake and coffee included in registration fee

Amazing FTO coffee available to buy from local Monkey Cafe.



Published on the Mossarun web page after the race and on UTMB home page.


Drop bag

You can leave your stuff at the base camp.

(Note that Mossarun/Lost Goats is not taking any responsibility for your equipment).


Race rules

Participating in the race is done on your own risk

You have to help and assist any fellow racer that has got injured or ill in any way

Do not leave any trash behind you on the trail!

If you need to poop in the forest dig your shit

Keep quiet in the forest, we would like to still be friends with landowners

You have to follow the marked trail, no shortcuts

Not following the above rules will result in disqualification

Provide phone number ICE to your contact 

For 24h ultra: only full loops counts, don’t start new loop if you can’t finish before cut off time. Short 2km loop opens 3h before cut-off.

For 24h ultra: Runner who refuse to start new loop (17k or 2k) if there is 3h or more before cut-off get DNF. You have to finish race moving!

For 24h: big loops count first e.g: runner A did 8 long and 1 short loop (total 138km), runner B did 7 long and 10 short (139km)- runner A is a winner.





Email at mossarun.info@gmail.com or Facebook Mossarun page.

Race organized by Lost Goats AB, Lindås 2408, 34394 Älmhult.


Best of luck during the race!

Olaf Szukalowicz, Niklas Lundgren, Lluc Hevia