Mossarun 2024

7th Sept 2024

Lindås (near Delary, Småland)


a) 24h ultra on 17km loop, (to make 100miles it takes 10laps and 3900m+)

b) 17km, 390m+

c) 51km, 1170m+

d) kids trail !!!


Mossarun is a non-profit charity race so if you really can't afford it please contact us for friendly negotiations ;)

Registration fee:


17km - 300 SEK  (after 1.08.2024 - 350 SEK)

51km - 450 SEK (after 1.08.2023 - 550 SEK)

24h ultra - 750 SEK (after 01.09.2024 - 850 SEK; after 1.08.2024 - 950 SEK)


Runners testimonials

"Det var den svåraste bana i min karriär."

"(...) an event that creates bonds, laughter (...)"

"Brutal course was too much for my legs this time."

"This race was not tought but rather brutal. Had I known what lays ahead, I would have thought twice before enrolling."

"17km helt sjukt teknisk bana, men också otroligt vacker!"

Trails quality is visible on this clip from Mossarun2019:

video credit: Kristoffer Jägestedt